We often miss the minute details while looking at bigger things in life. Just like this, people usually don’t give much attention to the resume template. All the companies ask for resumes, whether it’s for a job or internship. Resume templates are the first thing that the interviewer notices.

These minute details make a huge difference. A good looking template doubles your chance of getting hired. So let’s learn how you should make your move.

What are the types of templates? 

The type of template you should choose depends on the type of job you are applying for. Resume templates are of various types. The main types of templates are discussed below.


This template is a balanced choice for those who want to keep it classy. In this, decent colors and dividers are used for giving readers ease of reading.


It is a combination of both the modern and classic templates. These are considered to be one of the most used templates.


This template is for those who want to add creativity to their resume. It has a twin column design along with eye-catching icons for differentiating the sections.


It has a black and white color scheme. The sections here are clearly defined.


It has a classic single-column design along with slim bold lines. These are known to leave an impression on the reader surely.

Why should we use templates? 

Templates to resume are what the Skeleton is to our body. It provides a perfect structure. I am familiar with some of the reasons:

Strong first impression 

The template of the resume is the first thing that every reader sees. Everybody wants to make a nice first impression, and having a nice resume will always increase your chances.

Customizes application 

Templates provide us with good layouts to customize stuff and emphasize the skills that we want to highlight.

Provides professional design 

Templates provide us with a professional design to focus more on what we want to write on the resume.

How to choose? 

Choosing the right template is important. The template should be chosen according to the profession you’re applying for. We can choose a creative, cool, professional, contemporary, or classic template. The color, font, and design should be chosen with care. The color should not be very bright or loud, and the font should not be too small or too big.

The template should always be visually appealing and reader-friendly. It should be eye catchy yet simple and make reading the resume a fun task. The template adds spice to your resume. Choose the spacing in the template right; it should be neither too far nor too close.

The font and text size should be chosen right as this affects the readability of the resume. Lastly, in the end, our goal is to make the resume easy to read.