When you or a loved one has reduced mobility, a stairlift can make a world of difference. People use stairlifts for a number of different reasons, including age, medical conditions, or an accident. The most important thing is that it helps people make it up and down stairs, and it can change their lives.

What Is a Refurbished Stairlift?

A refurbished stairlift is one that has been used and is refurbished. People often choose this type because a new one may be out of their price range, and a refurbished option is just as functional but costs less. The quality is the same, and you can choose a straight or curved stairlift. This helps you or your loved ones gain mobility and improves quality of life.

Types of Stairlifts

The two primary types of refurbished stair lifts in Stafford are straight and curved. The one you choose depends on your staircase. Both types come with different options, such as a folding hinge track or a swivel seat. You can choose a bespoke curved stairlift to fit your staircase perfectly. They will measure the space to ensure that you have the best stairlift for your home.

You can have a free consultation to find out everything you need to know, including the best type of stairlift and the procedure for installing it. No matter what kind of stairs you have, there is a stairlift that will work in your home. In addition, you can get a warranty, even when you choose a refurbished stairlift.