Shoulder holsters are used by cowboys since their age. Hence, shoulder holsters are one of the traditional styles to carry guns. The structure of the shoulder holster got created in a way that it can get placed on the shoulder of the shooter.

Civilians and law enforcement mainly prefer using shoulder holsters because of their safety, efficiency, and comfortability. The shoulder holsters gun carry style came out to be one of the best guns carry styles available.

Shoulder holsters provide various adjustments. Horizontal and Vertical are two types of adjustments that you can make according to your comfortability. For instance, while having a long-barrelled gun model, using a horizontal style shoulder holster can be comfortable to use, and while having a short-barrelled gun model, using a vertical style shoulder holster might be comfortable.

When the year 1890 came to an end, a new type of shoulder holsters called the skeleton model got introduced to the people. It started to get more improvised on those days. Two Montana saddlers- AI. First now and E. D. Zimmerman of Miles City and Custer Country introduced the improvised type of leather shoulder holster.

The skeleton model of leather shoulder holster comes with many benefits, together with the holding of guns firmly in its place. One of the good things about Leather shoulder holsters is that it keeps the gun in such a way that it remains exposed so as to draw it fast. And during the early 20th Century, one new and more improvised model of leather shoulder holsters got introduced.

The new and improvised model had gained various design elements from its earlier model. It slowly replaced the earlier model and took its place. The desire to own a leather shoulder holster became more when the M1911 pistol got introduced. 

Some Of The Benefits Of Leather Shoulder Holsters

Besides the comfortability and safe carry of leather shoulder holsters, there are many other benefits associated with leather shoulder holsters. Below listed are some of the benefits of leather shoulder holsters. Since, it is impossible to list every benefit.

Provides Fast Access To The Guns

In a terrible situation, fast access to guns is what is needed to protect one. In such cases, the use of a leather shoulder holster is helpful. If you are unable to draw your gun in a problematic situation rapidly, then you might get into more trouble. Thus, the use of leather shoulder holsters in such a situation is a life saver.

Its Concealability

Another essential thing that everyone looks for while buying a holster is its concealability. If in any case, no holster is concealable, then there are chances that you might have to face different problems. It is the composition and the placement of leather shoulder holsters that made it the best choice as a holster, and also because of its concealability.

Hence it is necessary for every holster to be accessible in a quick way. Thus, the use of a shoulder holster is perfect in such situations.