When it comes to marketing your online business, there are many ways you can advertise and drive traffic to your website. If you already do SEO for your website and have a PPC campaign to boost your sales, you may also wish to consider Facebook advertising, and it is an excellent platform to drive sales. Below are some of the various types of Facebook ads you can use on the platform to boost your sales and brand awareness and show you a return on your investment.

Image Ads

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and it is also an excellent way to get the attention of your target audience. Facebook image ads are a simple form of advertising that can also be highly effective. Your ad can include a line of text, your image, and the website you want to push users towards and can be an excellent form of advertising for your campaign.

Video Ads

One of the most popular mediums on the internet is video, and people will watch videos all day of their favourite things. These ads often appear in the newsfeed or stories section of the platform, and you can laser target your audience using their likes, dislikes, age, sex, location, and other variables. It pays to be creative with your video ads, and you may even see yours go viral if you find the perfect formula for your video. For more information on this type of advertising, click here.

Carousel Ads

Another popular advert on Facebook is the carousel adverts, which uses up to ten adverts and videos to showcase your products and services. You can have a different link on each video and advert, and when the user clicks on the “shop now” button, it will take them directly to the relevant page on your site so they can order from you.

Collection Ads

You can use collection ads to showcase up to five products or services to your target audience. They can click on one of the videos or ads and be taken directly to your website to place an order. It is an excellent way to highlight your offerings to potential customers and can be highly lucrative for your business when done well.

These are a sample of the different types of ads that Facebook offers, but there are more besides. As Facebook boasts over two billion active monthly users, you may be missing out if your company is not advertising on this platform.