As a homeowner, you have different elements of your home to worry about. Window screen maintenance is one of the things that you need to take care of. This is because window screens play a significant role in your windows. They help take care of your family and minimize the utility bills. Therefore it is vital to check them regularly to ensure they are in the best condition.

When to Repair Your Window Screens

In most instances, you’ll need to repair your window screens if there are signs of significant damage. If the screen mesh comes out of the frame, if there are holes from pests or any tears, it is time to enlist the best window screen repair Dallas services. Other instances include:

Shiny Screens

Almost everything in your home has an age limit, and window screens are no exception. They are constantly exposed to the sun and all other weather elements, making their lifespan pretty unpredictable. Therefore, depending on your climate, your window screens might start turning shiny and be more prone to damage. If your screens become shiny, it is time to get them repaired to ensure they function as expected.

Difficulty Opening and Closing Windows

A common sign that your screens are near the end of their lifespan is trouble opening and closing the windows. Although your windows might have some issues, there is a high chance that the screen is damaged and causing the problem. You can consult with a window screen expert to assess the damage and tailor the best repair solutions.

Broken Frames

Window screens are held together by metal or wooden frames. Over time these frames deteriorate and cause your screens to loosen or look unkempt. It is vital to invest in professional window screen repairs Dallas services in such instances. A professional will repair your frames and ensure that your window screens give the curb appeal they are designed to give.

Increase in Noise

Window screens not only prevent pests and bugs from accessing your home. They should also limit the amount of outside noises heard inside your home. If you notice an increase in noise, that likely means you should get some window screen repairs, so you never have to fret about disrupting noises.


If you cannot remember when you had your window screens checked, it’s probably time for repairs. Over time, window screens can deteriorate and become brittle, lowering your windows’ curb appeal and integrity. A window screen expert will assess all the aspects of your screens, identify any damages, and fix them to ensure they continue serving their purpose.

Get Your Window Screens Repaired Today

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