When you’re planning a family vacation in Florida, private charter flights are a great way to get there without a crowd. Airlines only service a small number of airports in the state, only 2.7%. In contrast, private air travel gives you access to thousands more. There are more than a dozen different airports near Orlando International Airport and Tampa International Airport, which is closer to Disney World than the two nearest airlines.

Hera Flight

When you’re planning a vacation to Florida, consider Hera Flight private charter flights. Their crews are experienced and certified, and they fly well-appointed jet aircraft. They arrive on time, meaning no hours wasted waiting in security or boarding lines. Plus, you’ll have luxury on-board amenities and curbside parking. For even more convenience, you can also book rental cars from the company to make getting to your destination easy.

The company specializes in providing premium seating and a high-quality experience. The aircraft are custom-designed and only seat 16 passengers, allowing you to enjoy superior service and a more personalized experience. These flights are also scheduled on your own schedule, meaning you can choose the best time to fly. And because Hera Flight is focused on business travel and the needs of busy executives and businessmen, it provides the convenience of on-time, comfortable travel.

Paramount Business Jets

The company, founded by Richard Zaher over a decade ago, arranges private charter flights Florida for their clients. Their extensive network of over 15,000 private jets is available to charter flights on a per-trip or membership basis. They pride themselves on the highest level of safety and ethics. Their members can benefit from the same amenities and benefits as the company’s high-profile customers, including concierge services and the ability to specify newer aircraft.

As a part of their charter service, the company partners with Exceptional Villas to offer bespoke experiences and streamlined vacation planning. They are committed to making their guests’ travel arrangements as stress-free as possible. Through this partnership, travelers can book a private jet flight to a tropical destination at discounted rates. Their jet card membership allows travelers to take advantage of up to 50% savings on empty leg flights.


Compared to other private charter companies, NetJets offers better pricing. Their card products offer lower one-way rates and no surcharges for flying internationally. If you travel often, you can buy shares of one of their aircrafts in a program that allows you to exchange your aircraft at a lower price. The jet cards can take you anywhere within 10 hours and are much less expensive than partial ownership of an aircraft.

One of the major differences between NetJets and other private aviation companies is safety. NetJets is part of Berkshire Hathaway, the investor behind many well-known companies. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett have both appeared in NetJets ads. Several cable television shows feature the aircraft’s interior as a backdrop, so they have a great deal of staying power. During the Great Recession, the company suffered a $711 million loss, but Berkshire Hathaway continued to back it.