Entertainers, like many people in lucrative businesses, often need legal representation to ensure that they are getting their fair share of compensation for their work. John Branca has been in the industry for over four decades, and he has represented the likes of Michael Jackson, Fleetwood Mac, Dr. Dre, and dozens more notable artists.

Aside from musicians, who else might need an entertainment lawyer?

  1. Actors

Another prominent role in the entertainment industry is acting. Actors typically are typically required to sign contracts and undergo salary negotiations before they can begin filming, and these tasks can be handled by an entertainment lawyer. Entertainment lawyers are familiar with how much a person should be compensated for different types of roles, and they can help actors get paid fairly or strike other similar agreements.

Even budding actors who haven’t yet secured a big-time role can benefit from having an entertainment lawyer on their side.

  1. Comedians

Stand-up comedians also often require legal representation, especially as their careers really begin to take off. Many venues will try to underpay comedians or give them less desirable timeslots, but an entertainment lawyer can help comedians negotiate better deals.

Comedians may also need an entertainment lawyer to protect their intellectual property and ensure that other comedians don’t purposely steal their jokes or content, or they may help a comedian with estate planning.

  1. Authors

Although not often thought of as entertainers, some authors prefer to use entertainment lawyers for many of their legal considerations. Authors also have intellectual property to protect, and they too may need assistance with contract negotiations. This is especially true if the rights to make a film out of an author’s book are obtained.

  1. Athletes

Sports law is also a sector in the law field, but some athletes need an entertainment lawyer when they are given deals or roles in the entertainment industry. Some athletes host Saturday Night Live, or others make guest appearances on podcasts, movies, or shows, and they need a lawyer with significant familiarity with entertainment law.

The world of entertainment law spans widely outside of musicians and actors. Even those who haven’t yet made it big could benefit from legal representation in the entertainment industry, especially when they wonder if they are being taken advantage of by institutions. Finding an entertainment lawyer that will advocate on your behalf and fight for you is one of the best investments an entertainer can make.