So you have bought the Paint by numbers for Adults or you want to buy one. The below frequently asked questions might help you in your journey to picking on that will be ideal for your use as per your needs.

Is paint by numbers easy?

The short answer to this particular question is yes.  Paint by numbers is all about coloring the lines using a paintbrush. You don’t require to have any previous paint experience. All you have to do is to be patient and then take your time in filling in all the colors in an even manner.

Can kids be able to paint by numbers or it is only meant for adults?

Yes. There are kits specifically meant for kids and thus, you can purchase Paint by numbers for Adults and paint by numbers for children and thus, end up having quality time together as a family.  For kids, purchase the one labeled EASY which is meant for kids between 7 years and 11 years depending on their craftiness. Kids over 11 years can use the intermediate level for adults.

What comes in the kit?

The kit has a rolled canvas, all the paints that you will require to complete the canvas, a reference guide, 4 paintbrushes, and a picture in color on how the canvas will turn out to be. A frame is normally included in a majority of the kits.

How should I flatten the paint by numbers canvas?

Because the canvas comes when rolled, you will require looking for a way of keeping it flat when painting. You can use a masking tape and a cardboard. Both items are not included in the kit.  You will have to cut a large cardboard piece from the box, and then use a wide inch masking tape to stretch the canvas to be able to lay flat and then tape it into place.

If you cannot find a cardboard which is large enough, you can look out for a piece of wood or canvas that is pre-stretched to tape yours on. Alternatively, you can take it onto your desk directly. If it happens that your canvas is folded and not the normal rolled, it will be creased. You can try to ironing it from the back. You can as well use a steamer if you so wish.

Do you have to paint the light or the dark colors first?

There is a need to start with the lighter color. It is something that is recommended as the paints normally come numbered and grouped in colors. 1 up to 10 are mostly the yellows and other dark colors like orange then the 11 to 20 might have the greens lightest to the darkest, the pinks could be 21 to 25 and the last numbers might be the dark grey to the blacks.

You can decide to work in color groups starting with the yellows and when you are done, paint in the pinks. Fill in the other colors like the green and then the darkest colors should come last.