When your business includes a call centre that takes a high volume of calls daily, you must ensure that you create the perfect call centre environment for your employees. It is not a question of getting a big space, filling it with loads of desks, computers, chairs, and tables, and having people sitting there working. You will need to put a lot of thought and consideration into the design of your working environment to ensure it is suitable for your business. Below are some things you will need to consider when designing your call centre that can help ensure it helps your employees work productively and are comfortable.

Finding The Perfect Space

Your first task will be to find a space suitable for your call centre with enough space to accommodate all your employees. You may have an office already you wish to refurbish to accommodate your call centre, or you can look for somewhere new. You will want to have one eye on the future and ensure that the space you get has enough room for future expansion as your business grows. Once you have found the ideal office space, you can start looking at planning your perfect call centre environment.

The Floor Plan For Your Call Centre

You will need to find a configuration of working stations that can optimise the number of employees who can use your call centre area without being too loud or cramped. You must ensure that each employee has ample room at their workstation and is not too close to their colleagues, which can impair their performance. Consider adding partitions to the office space to help keep noise levels down and separate different departments effectively.

Soundproofing The Area

When you have a large space, and there will be lots of people on the telephone simultaneously, it can get noisy, and you will want to do everything you can to try and dampen the noise from your call centre. You can use office partitions that include acoustic insulation, which can help, and you will also want to install acoustic MF ceiling tiles to help absorb the sound and reduce noise levels. There is a wide variety of soundproofing products you can use in your call centre, and it can help to make your employees happy, work more productively, and make it a pleasant working environment for them.

Furnishing The Call Centre

You will want your employees to be comfortable for the duration of their shift, which means you need to invest in quality furniture for your call centre. The desks need to be a suitable height with enough space, and the office chairs will also need to offer the proper support for employees’ backs. Trying to save money and buying cheap furniture will often backfire and cost you more in the long run when it needs replacing much sooner.

The Colour Scheme

Another significant factor affecting your employees’ productivity is the colour scheme you choose for your call centre. Colours can elicit emotions and responses, so you need to choose these wisely; and you can click here to get more information on the best colour schemes from which you can choose. Once the colour scheme is chosen, you will almost be ready to open your new call centre and continue expanding your business.