Use of Instagram is a must for many business owners today. For one, it lets you have a direct link back to your website, blog, and even email list. The great thing about having an account on Instagram is that it allows you to interact with your customers and build trust. When you use the platform correctly, you can easily convert people into buyers. But how can you use Instagram to boost sales?

If you look at things closely, there are three major reasons to use Instagram for your business marketing. The first reason is that it allows you to interact directly with your customers.

You can post new pictures, videos, and even written items without having to wait for your followers to repost them on their pages. You’ll immediately see how this can greatly impact your competition’s sales and ultimately help you gain ground.

The second reason is because of its capability to provide a way to easily follow-back to previous messages. When you post on Instagram, you can specify a ‘mention’ button so that people who are following you can click on it to get more details about what you’re posting.

This means that even if your competition has a post with the same name, they’ll be able to instantly re-tweet it and drive more followers to your page. With more followers, you have a better chance of reaching a wider audience and having a higher conversion rate on your sales page.

The third reason to use Instagram to boost sales is that you can easily track and analyze the activities of your followers.

You can see which posts are getting a higher response and which ones are not performing as well. By knowing this information, you can improve your promotional strategy and start incorporating other efforts as well to increase conversion rates.

The fourth reason to use this social networking site is that it’s very easy to update your products as well as promoting your business. Unlike other sites where you need to manually edit and resubmit your posts, updates on Instagram are pretty easy to make since all you have to do is delete the old ones and insert the new ones.

If you are new to using this application, you can also set up an account for free so that you can get a feel of how it works before actually launching your product.

The fifth and final reason to boost sales with Instagram followers is that it provides a very interactive platform between you and your customers. Whenever you are making a post on the app, you can give direct answers to questions that your followers might be asking.

You can even leave some comments that are specific to each product that you are promoting. This will let your followers know that you’re active on the application and that you respond to their needs. This gives them a sense of relationship with you, one that can lead to greater sales conversions.