When we think of games such as puzzles, we always think of an efficient way to pass the time or relax. In addition to this, block puzzles are mind teasers and possess numerous health benefits. From helping young gamers develop their intelligence to stabilizing mood to helping elderlies evade some illnesses. Fortunately, there are many health benefits attached to playing block puzzles.

Here is the list.

  1. The Game is Good for Mental Health

To many of us, this has been the old motive of playing games such as chess and puzzles. This game is considered a brain exercise in that it promotes thinking and trains all your brain parts especially left and right.

The right brain appreciates training received from puzzle blocks being the brain part responsible for creativity and processing patterns. On the other hand, the game enhances your objectivity, a key function of the left brain.

Other than training the left and right brain, the game generally enhances cognitive abilities. And using the game for a prolonged time may reduce cognitive decline, common in elderlies aged 45 and above.

  1. Improves our Spatial Intelligence

Also known as special reasoning, spatial intelligence is the ability to imagine an object’s location either physically or mentally in space. This loosely defines how the arrangement of shapes such as puzzles is important to our brain health.

Research conducted on young players less than five years old at the University of Chicago shows those who regularly played the block puzzle had better spatial-visual abilities.

  1.     The Game Trains your Eyes 

When playing puzzles, your eyes are wide open and ever scanning the screen to find an appropriate match. You need to train your eyes to find perfectly fitting blocks.

  1. Puzzle Games Improve Problem Solving Abilities

Other than helping you unwind from a terrible day, playing puzzles sharpens your problem-solving abilities. Since the game is about trial and error when finding a fitting block, you will learn to develop certain formulas, hypotheses, and various ways of manipulating the shape to your advantage.

This, in turn, helps your general problem-solving abilities in a real-life situation. Also, these skills spark innovativeness and critical thinking when faced with hard and demanding situations.

  1. Multiplies Productivity

Like other games, playing puzzles stimulates the production of dopamine (a happiness hormone). So when you are happy, you are able to produce more. Also, you may play the game when you are tired; this will reset your brain back to productivity mode. Hence when you get back to your office chair, everything will be moving very fast.

  1. Block Puzzle Sharpens your Team Work Skills

We all know how difficult it is to develop a team, but block puzzles aim to improve our teamwork skills. If you ring the game in an office environment and recruit your fellow workmates and start playing the game together, this will definitely sharpen your teamwork skills.

Block puzzles are the future of intelligent young gamers and healthy elderlies. You can get your game on the play store and enjoy its indispensable benefits.