Generally a mentalist have a higher mental skills than a normal human being.  There is a general perception that these people have supernatural powers or have seventh sense because they can read the minds of the people and perform powerful tricks that blow the minds of the ordinary people. There are plenty of sites that reveals informations about mentalism minds and the various tricks they perform. If you are a vivid learner or want to explore some information with regard to mentalism, you can 

Great mentalism tricks will leave the spectators totally baffled and before they realize what the mentalist is performing, the entire show would already been completed. Some of the most popular tricks that is usually carried out during mentalism reality shows will be discussed below

Simple Card Trick that will blow your minds – This is a simple trick, the mentalist use the subtle psychological clues and make the right prediction besides leaving you baffled.

How they do it: The mentalist will show a normal deck of cards and ask the spectator to cut the card from the deck and choose a card they wish to draw from the deck. The mentalist will not be allowed to view the card rather the spectator will be made to focus on the card and the design. The mentalist has their own set of theories and correctly predict the card leaving the spectator completely stumped.

Drawing your Thoughts Trick – This is a classic mentalism trick that is performed by most of the mentalist during their performance. If you are interested to know about the trick try visiting this site You get to know abundant of information from this site.


Cold reading is a mentalism tricks that is often used by top mentalists to show their psychic powers since it requires complex odds of guessing.